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How long has the Lava® brand been around?

Lava has been cleaning up America's dirtiest hands for over a hundred years now. It was originally developed in 1893 by the Waltke Co. in St. Louis, Missouri.


Where did the name "Lava" come from?

The name Lava was chosen to remind users of the volcanic pumice contained in the soap.


What is pumice?

Pumice is a by-product of volcanic activity that provides the mildly abrasive quality in the Lava Bar. It is also the meaning behind the "Lava" name.


Is the Lava Bar today the same bar that my grandfather used when I was a kid?

The Lava Bar has remained relatively unchanged over the years. Though the color and scent have been improved over the years, Lava's powerful cleaning agents and pumice scrubbing power are basically the same that your great-grandfather used years ago.


Where can I buy Lava?

Lava has traditionally been available in the soap aisle of most grocery stores, drug stores and mass merchants. Since its acquisition of the brand in May 1999, however, WD-40 Company is working feverishly to make this popular brand more available to people who get their hands really dirty. If you can't find it, ask your local retailer to get it or shop for it online now.


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