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Lava® Cleans Up for Outdoor Enthusiasts

April 1, 2001

For those who get their hands really dirty—covered in mud, grease, charcoal or fish and bait odors—it's important to have a trusted product to get them clean. Lava brand Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaners have been helping outdoorsmen keep their hands clean for more than 100 years.

Lava recently introduced the pre-moistened, fiber-reinforced Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels, which offer the same heavy-duty cleaning potency as the original Lava Bar and Lava Liquid hand cleaner. They also contain moisturizers that help prevent roughness or dry hands.

Lava Towels require no water to use and no rinsing afterward. They are specifically designed to be used anywhere you don’t have access to a sink—from campsites to country trails to backyards. The towels are great for removing oil and grease, grass stains, charcoal, tree sap and other messes created during outdoor adventures.

The disposable grime-busters are available in a 50-count dispenser that’s ideal for a camper, boat, backyard shed or any project area. A smaller, re-sealable 10-pack is also available, which is perfect for glove compartments, backpacks, tackle boxes and other tight quarters.

Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels are the company’s newest addition to its trusted line of heavy-duty hand-cleaners, which also includes the famous Lava Bar and pumice-powered Lava Liquid with moisturizers. The Lava line now includes three excellent hand-cleaning options for fisherman, mechanics, those who barbecue and all outdoor enthusiasts.

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