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May 8, 2001

SAN DIEGO—Auto enthusiasts know that maintaining a vehicle means your hands come in constant contact with oil, grease, dirt and grime. Lava brand heavy duty hand cleaners offer three solutions to get clean: the famous pumice-powered Lava Bar, moisturizing Lava Liquid and now Lava Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels.

"The best part of any project – whether it’s working under the hood of your car or truck or detailing your motorcycle – is the satisfaction of successfully completing it," said Rob Fleisher, director of marketing for Lava. "But everyone knows the job's not really done until hands are clean."

The classic Lava Bar, trusted to clean hard working hands for more than 100 years, is a must-have for the garage or washroom sink. The pumice-powered Lava Bar fights grease and grime left over from changing spark plugs or scrubbing tires.

Lava Liquid hand cleaner comes in three convenient sizes, from a small pump to a man-size container with enough Lava to keep even the dirtiest grease-monkey clean. Lava Liquid offers the same heavy-duty cleaning potency as the original Lava Bar, and contains moisturizers that help prevent roughness and dryness.

For jobs far from a sink – or for quick clean-ups in the shop or garage – Lava Towels are conveniently portable, and much tougher than any baby wipe or towelette. Great for removing mechanical oil, grease or dirt, these towels go anywhere. The handy 10-pack is a perfect addition to toolboxes, glove compartments and saddlebags. The 50-count tub makes cleaning easy when stowed in the garage or the back of a truck.

Lava Towels received a 98 percent approval rating from members of the Handyman Club of America, putting the Club’s powerful stamp of approval on Lava’s heavy-duty cleaning capabilities. A man from Tennessee raved, " Lava worked wonders…it removed dirt, black grease, oil, paint and caulk with no problem." A Rhode Islander said, "My hands were black with brake lining residue. With the Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner Towels, my hands came clean with minimal effort."

For product information or to locate the nearest retailer of Lava merchandise, consumers can call 1-800-448-9340 ext. 2345.

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